Is the treatment covered by my health fund?

All Osteopathic practitioners are covered by health funds. The amount you receive back will depend on your type and grade of cover. Please check with your private health fund, as some levels of cover do not cover all therapies .

Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes, the clinic runs via an appointment system. Please telephone your clinic of choice St Leonards 0422 649 130  or North Bondi 9365 4059 to make an appointment.

A longer appointment will be scheduled for your first visit. Your practitioner needs time to take a current and past medical history, to discuss topics such as the length of time you’ve been feeling unwell, how the condition affects your life and perform a full physical examination.

What is wrong?

Comprehensive diagnosis information provided to patients will give you all the details about your condition. Many patients come with a specific problem to be treated. However, Osteopathic practitioners check the whole body because a problem in one area can affect other areas of your body.

Symptoms are usually the last thing to show and the first to leave in many conditions.

Can my Osteopath help?

Based on my experience, research, and success with other patients with similar health problems, Osteopathic practitioners will only accept cases they can help.

By following their care recommendations and other advice you can achieve the health results you are looking for.

Your practitioner’s responsibility is to give you the best advice available. Your Osteopathic practitioner will address your overall total health, present a recovery plan together with a supportive program to enable you to maintain your health for years to come.

How will I be treated?

Treatment techniques designed to get results will be discussed when you have your appointment. The most up-to-date and effective technology and treatment techniques as well as rehabilitation exercises, diet, nutrition and lifestyle changes will be used.

Treatment may vary between patients with similar conditions, as many factors such as current health status, age, lifestyle factors and medical history affect treatment protocols.

How long will it take? How long until I feel better?

Our goal is to get you to your optimal health level.

Some patients experience almost instant relief. Others discover it can take months, sometimes years. Every patient recovers at their own pace. Factors which can affect the healing process include your age, your overall health condition, muscle tone, diet and even your attitude.

Your progress will be monitored and assessed by changes. Your practitioner will give you some guidelines as to what to expect.

Will I need more than one appointment?

The number of appointments varies with each patient. Changes to your body systems takes time. Visits become less frequent as your body heals and stabilises.

Keeping to your appointment schedule means each appointment can build on the one before.

Will I have to keep coming back forever?

The amount of treatment you have is entirely up to you. Your practitioner will make recommendations and offer you some choices.

Can I have more than one type of treatment at once?

Patients can often help speed their recovery by having other types of treatment or addressing other health problems. Your practitioner may recommend other therapies to help you get to your optimal health level.

What can I do at home to help?

Get involved in your recovery, to achieve faster relief and better results from your treatment.

Proper rest, exercise, and good nutrition are especially important during the healing process.

Following any dietary changes, taking your recommended supplements or doing your prescribed exercise program will help your recovery.Type your paragraph here.

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